Junghans Group AG
Small Diamonds

Small Diamonds for suppliers in round or in Princesscut

Our smallest diamonds are produced with the utmost care and delivered with tolerances of 0.05 mm. We can assort for you complete series we can produce and deliver bigger quantities in one size. Deliveryterms/times and conditions will be accepted against your specifications. Our prices are calculated to the prices we buy the rough diamonds on the market and against the normal market prices for the smallest diamonds. The offered prices are standard prices and will depend of the sizes and quantities. We kindly ask you to give us concrete requirements, which we also will answer promptly. All prices are excluding VAT, excluding shipping charges and insurance cost. We will deliver your ordered goods by courier reliable, Brinks or Malca Amit world and from time. Within the EU we deliver our goods by courier directly to our customers. Gladly we also deliver worldwide free customs freezone.

We deliver only natural diamonds, which are purchased from countries without embargoes or any other conflicts and which deliveries have completed the Kimberley process with Kimberley Certificates. Furthermore, we give our buyers and partners the guarantee, that all diamonds which are produced and polished in out house are pure natural diamonds.

All of our diamonds are proven to come exclusively from our mine and are only processed by us using the latest laser technology.