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The Mo Diamond Mining

Mo Diamond Mining was founded in 1927 by a member of the Junghans family and taken over by the Junghans Group in 1999. We have been sourcing raw diamonds and mining in Africa for many years. Our mine in Africa covers 1,453.45 km² with a total of 14,500 “Staid Areas”, of which only 260 Staid Areas are currently used in open-cast mining. Mo Mining is expanding its mining options to 271 Staid Areas by Dezember 2021.

Currently 1,506 employees work there, 344 of them working to ensure the self-sufficiency of fruit, vegetables, grain and meat.

We run our own small school on our premises with a total of 8 teachers who ensure the education of children and young people. The training of skilled trades such as carpenter, baker, locksmith, mechanic and electrical installer is ensured and trained on our campus.

In the Mo Mine we can ensure the medical care of all employees and the families with our three doctors, including a veterinarian who controls and monitors the control of the meat supply.

The Junghans Group and Mo Mining have committed themselves to the state and the government for 50 years to completely dismantle the land and to use resources as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our geologists and experts recultivate the land after the dismantling of the incidents and ensure that lakes and landscapes are preserved or newly created and that the new landscape fits exactly into the given flora and fauna. We currently employ more than 40 people who implement these recultivation projects. The planning times are implemented in close consultation with the government and are sometimes planned up to 3 years in advance.

The demolition of the areas is carried out under state supervision. Rivers, lakes and landscapes are being re-cultivated and cared for by our rangers. As this picture from 11/27/2019 shows, new landscapes and areas for the native flora and fauna are emerging.

This dismantling began in May 2016 and was completed in October 2019.

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