Junghans Group AG

Storage of your values ​​

The Junghans Group offers its customers the option of safely storing their valuables. The DPE system “Diamond Private Activity” gives every customer the opportunity to store their values / diamonds under their own name. The customer can access his own depot at any time and keeps the depot in his hand.

Diamonds are globally recognized and tradable and can therefore be used as a substitute currency in times of crisis. For these reasons, diamonds are ideal for old-age security and as a capital investment.

The Junghans Group AG will be happy to advise you personally or by telephone and will present you with diamonds individually and according to your wishes, which will retain their value over many years and experience an increase in value. The strengths of the Junghans Group AG lie in being able to access enough of its own raw diamonds. From this, the most precise diamonds are made using the latest laser technology, which cannot be produced by hand in this quality. We can also provide entire series. Series such as 50 x 0.50 carats or 25 x 1.01 carats can be provided according to customer requirements.