Junghans Group AG

Diamonds for the Jewelery Production

We guarantee, that all your diamonds are cut according to your specifications and tolerances, so that your staff, automated machinery or equipment will not encounter any problems when setting diamonds. All diamonds larger than 0,25 cts are generally manufactured and certified in line with GIA standards. We, as a diamond cutter and manufacturer, are confronted daily with enormous technical challenges. We are in the position to polish unique and extraordinary rough diamonds with a special cut into your special polished diamond or brilliant.Fancy natural colour diamond in of blue, red, pink, yellow and green can also be ordered for you from our direct sellers. Furthermore other very important diamonds can be sourced for you from our network of professionals and diamond experts. Our customers expect precisely calibrated diamonds for machine processing and setting. For this reason, we sieve the smallest diamonds several times, which gives an actual output less than 0,05 mm. We rely on the latest technology and advanced machinery and our more than 37 years experiences in this field.


Small diamonds from 1,00 mm quality as per your request.

We promptly deliver diamonds worldwide by courier, such as Brinks, Malca Amit or Ferrari. The delivery terms are Airport Freezone or according to customer preference DDP. Diamonds are packed as per your request. We inform our customers weekly, if necessary daily, about market prices, market fluctuations and thus demonstrate transparency in a constantly changing market.