Junghans Group AG
  • Our range of services

  • We procure diamonds for our customers for more than 37 years

  • Supply of complete sets for example, 100 pieces

  • Processing with krypton ion laser technology

  • Exact planning of the raw diamonds with Galaxy Planner 7.5

  • Delivery of small diamonds from 1.00 mm

  • Exact calibration for machine setting of the diamonds

  • Diamonds in series with a gradient composition

  • Delivery of diamonds from 0.25 carat with expertise from GIA

  • Laser inscription of all GIA diamonds / brilliants

  • All of our diamonds / brilliant are in Excelent according to GIA

  • Certificate from the location via Geodata GPS


We promptly deliver the ordered diamonds worldwide by courier such as Brinks, Malca Amit or Ferrari. The delivery terms are airport freezone or according to customer preference DDP. Diamonds are packed as per your request.