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Welcome to the Junghans Group AG,

the Mo Diamond Mining und the Diamond Cutter Manufaktur

Mo Diamond Mining was founded in 1957 by a member of the Junghans family and taken over by Junghans Group AG in 1999 as a whole. We have been dealing with the procurement of raw diamonds for more than 63 years and have been mining them within the mining for 63 years in Africa.

The daily contact with miners and exchanges for the newest information about real rough diamonds, enables us to offer you extraordinary stones at competitive prices. Africa, Canada, Russia and Australia are the primary sources for raw diamond and consistently deliver the best and highest quality stones. Personal connections to the stock markets and to miners puts us in the position to continuously deliver any kind of rough diamonds in all qualities.

Processing raw diamonds into brilliant-cut diamonds requires great craftsmanship and years of experience. After our processing, raw diamonds are turned into the highest quality brilliant-cut diamonds of the highest quality. This assumes the daily handling of this product and the fact that you can access your own raw diamonds.

Our Diamond Cutter Manufacturer works for you rough diamonds in perfection and in series. We specialize in producing and delivering all desired sizes and qualities in large quantities. We only offer diamonds that come from our mine and for which a Kimberley process has been completed and a Kimberley certificate is available.

In addition, we guarantee that we only offer natural diamonds that are cut/polished by us according to GIA requirements.